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Coin Hunting in Depth-

Softbound, 156 pages.  How to research, handling and storage of coins, Recovery tools, Search Coil savvy, Target ID meters, Threshold techniques, Discrimination, Computerized detectors, Hidden hot spots, Ghost town methods, Beaches and swimming areas, audio tones and much more! 

Metal Detecting 4 Beginners

How to get started

Metal Detecting Previously Hunted Sites-

By Vincent C. Pasccucci General introduction to metal detecting, plus tips and techniques for hunting previously hunted sites. 1997, 52 pgs

XLT Ring Enhancement Programs-

This book concentrates on how to find rings and other jewelry with the Spectrum XLT detector. The majority of the book concentrates on the details of programming the XLT for the best jewelry results. Much of this information will only be of interest to Spectrum owners. Illustrated. 36 pages.

XLT Field Methods & Custom Programs-

More field tips for the Spectrum XLT detector. Includes information on custom programming, along with a dozen custom programs for various applications.

Much of this information will only be of interest to Spectrum owners. Illustrated. 64 pages.

New Metal Detecting the Hobby-

An excellent general book on metal detecting as a hobby. Thoroughly covers the types of detectors, how they operate, the types of finds that can be made, where to search, and more. The general emphasis is on coin hunting, with other types of detecting briefly covered. Illustrated. 108 pages. 


Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of California-

Short histories on the gold towns all over California that created and supported the 19th century gold rush. 324 pages.


Recreational Gold Prospecting for Fun & Profit-

Excellent newer book covering all phases of recreational gold mining with an emphasis on family fun. The information is comprehensive and complete, covering panning, sniping, dredging, metal detecting, drywashing, claim staking, and more.

Ms. Butler obviously knows her subject well, and it is nice to see this information presented from a woman's perspective. Highly recommended! 206 pages, many photos. 

Researching and Detecting Ghost Towns-

This 68 page soft cover book answers questions like Where should I detect at the ghost town site and where do I search for my lead.  Also Using detectors and more

Take a Closer Look at Discrimination-

By Robert C. Brochett. Learn all about audio and visual discrimination - how to recognize typical responses to all types of targets while metal detecting. 1995, 133pgs.

Where 2 Find Gold CA-

This is the only book on the market which has concise, informative descriptions and directions to the gold site. Researched in the field, on the rivers, dredging and hand panning the many water-runs of California. MAPS with directions to the gold site are very accurate. Rare-earth metals are the new fortunes to be discovered. 

Where 2 Find Gold Northern CA-

This new book reveals the secrets of some of the best gold-bearing ground in Northern California with maps, photos, illustrations and old tales of those who tried their luck at placering for gold years ago.

Learn about prospecting tools such as metal detectors, dry-washers, and how to pan. This book provides the modern day gold seeker with a good description of gold-bearing districts in this portion of the state. 150 pgs

Understanding the DFX

This is an excellent book that details the differences between the XLT and DFX.  He aloso details the controls and adjustments that are involved in using this complex machine.

Topics in this book include: new feasures and differences of XLT and DFX, understanding the controls of the DFX, basic adjustments, audio section, GEB/TRAC section, discrimination, display, multifrequency method and conclusion.  This book is 144 pages of really great information.


The Complete Unabridged Zip Zip

Mastering Your Nugget Detector and Zip Zip The Advanced Course two classic best-sellers, combined into one book, and updated for the new millennium. Zip Zip, Mastering Your Nugget Detector is the original Zip Zip, this book is all about the basics.

  The answers are all inside. Everything the novice to intermediate nugget hunter needs in order to get the most from that nugget hunting machine. This book cuts straight to the heart of why 10% of the nugget hunters are finding 90% of the nuggets. Not only advanced techniques, but advanced thinking to go along with them.

Plus a bonus section, 'Ask the Pros'. Tips from many of today's top nugget hunting pros, all answering the same question- "What is the one aspect of nugget hunting that you feel is most important to your success?"

Mining camp days

Mining Camp Days-

By Emil W. Billeb. 

The history of some of California's old mining camps: Bodie, Aurora,Bridgeport, Hawthorne, Tonopah,Lundy, Masonic, Benton, Thorne, Mono Hills, Mammoth,  Sodaville, & Goldfield. 1986, 229 pgs. 

Guide to Treasure CA-

By Thomas Penfield. A discussion of lost treasure sites on a county by county basis in California. 1982,160 pgs. 

The MXT Edge-

The White's MXT is a multi-purpose metal detector that provides great performance whether you're hunting for coins, searching for antique relics, or prospecting for gold. This book, The MXT Edge, provides detailed information on the use, operation, and technology of the White's MXT as well as vital information on the related topics of ground mineralization and target metal characteristics

Find more with the MXT by understanding the details about its audio modes, VDI numbers, ground mineralization tracking and cancellation systems, search coils, and much more. Filled with charts, diagrams, undocumented features, tips, and techniques not found anywhere else, The MXT Edge provides an unparalleled resource for getting the most from the White's MXT technology. 11" x 8½" spiral bound, 114 pages, 57 figures, 18 tables

Advanced Nugget Shooting-

How to Prospect for Gold with a Metal Detector. By James McCulloch- 
Written by a man that has found plenty of gold;
This spiral bound guide is packed with information on selecting the proper metal detector, tuning, ground balancing, other necessary equipment and techniques, where to go and how to find those elusive gold nuggets.

Where 2 Find Gold in the Mother Lode-

The Mother Lode country is still miner and treasure hunter friendly and welcomes them more than other areas. How and where to find gold in a variety of Mother Lode counties. 180 pages. (Klein) 

 Placer Gold Deposits Sierra NV-

The geology and mining history of the Mother Lode gold country of California were well documented in numerous government mineral surveys, but until now these reports have not been available in a concise one-volume edition. This new book combines the best information from twelve out-of-print books into a guide to California Sierra gold placer, hydraulic, and drift mines; it also covers the dredging areas of the American, Feather, and Yuba rivers. Twenty-one new maps locate gold districts and old mines from Kern County north to Plumas County. 6" x 9", 192 pp., maps, appendices, color cover.

Diving & Digging for Gold-

Mary Hill, 48 pages. Here is a guide for anyone interested in knowing where and how to find gold, and what equipment to use. 

Gold Digger Atlas-

Gold has not lost it's charm.  If commercial mining has declined, the old-timer still tries his luck with a pan.  If washing gold no longer gives a man wages, it has not stopped the skin divers or the suction dredges now plying the streams.  The modern gold-digger is after the thrills of the 49er without his hardships and pressures. This atlas does not pretend to teach you gold panning.  It is simply an atlas of the western United States with detailed information on where gold has been found in the past century

Gold Nugget-teering in Northern CA-

Relates to the Klamath Mountain region along with its placer gravel areas that are hosted by the many rivers and creeks. List of GPS locations for abandoned old mines give the reader a jump start for exacting locations of old mine ore debris aprons. These old ore dumps host material extracted from the mineral veins that the old timer didn't recognize as valuable rare-earth metals. Maps run through the book with old mine locations showing their long. & lat. positions where a GPS receiver is paramount for their locations. In the wilds of the Klamath Mountain region a GPS receiver is a necessity to keep from getting lost in the heavily forested canopy. 

Gold Panning is Easy-

Where to find gold and how to pan. "How To" instructions on metal detecting, prospecting, rock hounding, and gold dredging. Illustrated. 84 pages


Gold Mining 21st Century-

If you're intrigued by the romance and potential profit of gold panning, and interested in pursuing it, Gold Mining in the 21st Century by Dave McCracken is a great way to learn the practical aspects! A thorough introduction to efficient, modern methods of finding gold, this volume offers 279 pages of expert information on locating, retrieving, and selling raw gold (fully illustrated) 

California Ghost Town Trails-

Best selling guide showing the old ghost towns as they appear today.

Detailed maps, interesting facts and historical data. Illustrated.

Ghost Towns of California-

California is home to some of the best ghost towns in the United States. These old settlements can be found in many parts of the state, but the majority are in central California, generally west of San Francisco, in what is call the "Mother Lode" country. Here, gold and other metal were discovered during the middle and late 19th century. The remainder of these towns, many of which began as mining camps, can be found in the northwest part of the state or in the southeast desert area. This guide covers full fledged ghost towns which are true ghost towns, abandoned communities with no residents, where unrestored buildings or remnants of them can be seen. Restored or rebuilt ghost towns, most of which are thriving communities, such as Auburn and Grass Valley. We also cover partial ghost towns where the town has survived to the present time and limited or scattered remains of ghost towns. All of the towns are worth a visit and will reward the traveler with a glimpse of bygone days. It was not possible to include every California ghost town in this guide, but this section includes some of the best. Most settlements can be reached with ease, although few may require a four-wheel drive vehicle. Poor roads and other hazards are mentioned in the text. 48 pages, covers 39 Ghost towns.


The Minelab Explorer &e-Trac Handbook

By: Andy Sabich

  • Learn what every control on these detectors do

  • Discover what new features can be found on the E-Trac

  • Benefit from proven tips & techniques provided by veteran detectorists from around the world to make you more successful

  • How to search for and find lost coins, relics and jewelry

  • Learn the secrets of competition hunting

  • How to get more performance with fewer adjustments

  • Accessories that can help you find more and enjoy your time in the field


    Digging Deeper with the DFX

    By Jeff Foster

    The White's DFX is a multi-frequency metal detector that utilizes sophisticated technology.  The book, Digging Deeper with the DFX, examines the technology in the DFX, the characteristics of ground mineralization and target metals, and explains how users may best apply the DFX's technology to different environments.
            Written based on extensive field experience, objective lab testing, and assistance from White's Electronics, this book has come to be regarded as an indispensable source for in-depth information on the White's DFX.
            For beginners and experts alike, Digging Deeper with the DFX provides invaluable information on the DFX not available anywhere else.

    More to come!