White's 10" D2

Fits, DFX, MXT, M6. The new D2 10" DD coil is built for severe grounds - with the best DD pinpointing White's has ever built. Greater ground coverage
per pass compared to concentric 10" loops. Minimalist design for the lowest 10" DD weight ever 17.9 oz. Less sweep resistance.

Super 12

 This new 12" concentric coil is designed for maximum depth and ground coverage. Fits DFX, MXT and M6.

Eclipse Shooter DD 4x6

 Fits DFX, MXT and M6. Elliptical 4x6 inch "DD" design provides superior performance in extreme ground, better sensitivity to physically smaller metal targets, performance in extreme trash and physically smaller foot print for working around obstacles. Longer but narrower detection window compared to similar sized search coils. Finds the good stuff in areas littered with trash.

Eclipse DD 6x10

Elliptical "DD" loop provides better rejection of extreme ground conditions. Fits DFX, MXT, and M6.