Garrett 14" Pan

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The 21st century gold pan! When you get a Garrett Pan you will be getting one of the finest gold pans available today. The gold pan is a prospectors most necessary tool. All the features of the Garrett 14" gold pan are the result of needed improvements to recover the most gold possible for your efforts. These include a raised bottom, lower recessed riffle trap, three recessed troughs, and a 90 degree riffled sluice box. The Garrett Pan makes testing areas and classifying your concentrates remarkably easy and fast. It provides instant results. Great for the beginner or pro alike.

How is the Garrett Pan used? First you want to get a pan full of material, fill the pan full of water and start to stratify the material and get it all in a liquid state. This is the time when we want the gold to slide down the raised center to the round circular bottom, when the gold gets to the circular bottom it will make its way around and drop into the trap. Once the gold is in the trap it is TRAPPED. And it not going anyplace!

Now that you have all the gold in the trap you are ready to wash off you waste gravel and rocks, you do this by moving all of that material to the base of the large riffle side, Once you have all the large material at the base of the large riffles wash them out of the pan like you normal do in a conventional gold pan. Now you will notice that the trap is also filled with black sand that is great we want the black sand in there as well we want it there to help hold the gold in the 30 recessed riffles in the bottom of the trap.

When you are washing the gravels out of your pan there are 3 reversed riffles (or troughs) at the base of the larger riffles. Those three reversed riffles are a (safety feature) they act just like sluice box riffles any gold that did not drop into the trap will jump out behind these three reversed riffles and not be washed out. So it is possible to wash off the waste rock and gravels a lot easier and faster than in a regular conventional gold pan.

Now that you have washed off all the waste rocks and gravels you want to check the troughs and see if there is any gold trapped behind them. If there is take and swirl some water through the troughs and wash the gold into the trap. Now you have an empty pan except for what is in the trap, so this is where you are going to fill the pan up with another pan full of material and follow the same steps that we just covered, and you can continue doing this until you are ready to do a clean up.

For some people this is a little tough but once it is mastered people are going to love panning again. Now we are only working the side of the pan that has the trap and the climbing sluice. With the trap full of material we want to stratify the material from side to side, cover the material in the trap with water and shake the pan from side to side, this allows the gold to drop out into the bottom of the trap and into the 30 recessed riffles once that is completed the top martial in the trap is waste and can be washed out of the pan through the rising sluice. To do this you dip the pan in water and submerse the sluice below the water line and move the pan in a side to side motion allowing water to come in and out of the pan.

Now that you have washed out most of the waste material out of the trap it is time to work out the bulk of the black sands out of the trap as well. This is where it becomes tricky; you want to submerse the sluice below the water line and move the pan from side to side, IT IS IMPORTANT TO GO SIDE TO SIDE, the material should be moving back and forth in the trap (not in and out but from side to side), this allows the gold to really have a chance to drop out and into the sluice channel and flare of the sluice. NOW AT THE SAME TIME YOU ARE DIPPING AND RAISING THE PAN IN AND OUT OF THE WATER. This allows water to come into the pan and wash out though the sluice, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER SIDE TO SIDE AND UP AND DOWN IN THE SAME MOVEMENTS. Once this is accomplished the black sand concentrates will flow right out of the pan and the gold into the flare of the sluice. Continue doing this until you are left with nothing but your gold.

To get the gold out of the pan take a sniffer bottle and sniff up the gold off of the platform the large flat area in front of the first sluice riffle and continue moving the gold onto the platform until you have retrieved all the gold.




Deluxe Gold Pan Kit


Kit Includes:   

 •3 Gold Pans
• Gold Guzzler bottle
• 2 gold vials
• Tweezers/Magnifier
• Instruction Booklet